The boys have been in search of the ultimate Urban Assault and did they ever find one!!! Directly off the bike path that follows the Dirty Water of the Charles they lock into a true river monster. Reeling this carp in under the shadow of FENWAY they knew the curse of the Babe was over and the victory was theirs!!!
The team is off again in search of CHROME GLORY! follow them as they travel into the Heart of Western NY for one of there most Epic Adventures to date. The Cattaraugus Creek which runs through Zoar Vally into Lake Erie is one of the most exclusive fisheries on the East Coast.The Steelhead that run into the Cattaraugus are extremely special in that they are a pacific Northwest stain....
WHERE: Swift River. SPECIES: Brook Trout/Rainbow Trout In this mirco episode, the dudes travel to a Central Ma favorite, the Swift River. Never in their wildest dreams did they expect to have one of their best days EVER on the Swift...and it was December. These fish knew they were trouble when they drove in...but after slaying monster Brookies and a couple nice Rainbows there was still no bad blood.
While searching for Northeast Lake Trout the Getbent team found themselves fishing the famed Quabbin Reservoir in central MA. This drinking water supply is as rich in fish as it is history and soon found they would have to battle the elements as mother nature did not want to give up her "COLD WATER GOLD" making for one of the most electrifying adventures to date!!!!!
In this adventure the dudes head to a northeast fishing mecca known as Niagara County in western NY. This area is home many totally bodacious fishing holes and over 80 species of fish. They all come here to party….its like fish spring break! But Antonio and Johan could only choose a couple destinations so they in trusted their guide Joe from Anglers Edge Outdoors to put em on em….and thats just what he did. ENJOY THE SHOW HOMIES! Hit us up on Facebook and instagram @getbenttv

El Ni·ño has granted anglers the gift of an extended season reaching late into December so grab a paddle and pull up a chair for the newest installment in the GetBentTV series. Join these two as they lose fishing poles, catch massive tree fish and resort to using Gummy Worms as bait in hopes of landing a Fall Fatty!!!!

In the 2nd Adventure of the #GetBentTV saga the dudes visit a tributary of the Wachusett Reservoir (MA) in search of the ever so elusive, ever so horny, land locked salmon. These fish have been chillin in the lake all summer and are single and ready to mingle. Lets see if the boys can score a date. Follow the young casanova's on instagram @getbenttv!

On this adventure, John and Tony search the rivers of Central Ma hoping for a glimpse at some pretty babe trout fish. The fish babes on the list include the Brook, Rainbow, and Brown trout. While Tony is a seasoned vet when it comes to the trout fishing game, John struggles with many obstacles including casting into trees, holding onto the fish, and describing his feelings. Thank you very much for your support and we hope you enjoy!

Fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it